TableTag is attempt to make easer development of simple one table forms in web applications. This will allow quickly build many UI's of "one" side tables in one-to-many relationship. To get this tag working follow instructions bellow.

Add tag library declaration to your JSP:

<%@taglib prefix="tt" uri="/WEB-INF/TableTags.tld"%>

Declare table definition:

<tt:table="" sourcebeanclass="albel.tags.table.test.TestBean" id="myTestTable" language="en" country="US">
      <tt:Column property="name" type="TEXT" width="5">
        <tt:ColumnHeader title="" align="center" />
      <tt:Column property="count" type="TEXT" width="3">
        <tt:ColumnHeader title="columnTitle.count" align="center" />
      <tt:Column property="" type="DELETE">
        <tt:ColumnHeader title="columnTitle.delete" align="left" />
     <tt:RowHandler handlerClass="albel.tags.table.test.TestHsqlHandler"/>
      <tt:Column property="name" type="TEXT" width="5" />
      <tt:Column property="count" type="TEXT" width="3" />

To get things working you must implement albel.tags.table.model.IRowHandler. The way you load bean list is your own business, you can do this in IRowHandler.handleLoad method. Bean can be handled using hibernate or directly using java.sql package.

It is easy to change default rendering, it is easy to write your own IRenderer implementation. Then plug it in TableTagContext.xml instead of existing renderer.

Version 0.2 changes:

  • Data deletion
  • Column headers
  • Column size property
  • Configuration through SpringFramework
  • Checkstyle integration
  • n tables in one page
  • Locale can be changed
  • Real test with hsql
  • 0.1 version bug fixes
  • Version 0.1 changes:

  • Displays beans contained in java.util.List loaded by IRowHandler.handleLoad
  • Updates of bean properties
  • Inserts of beans

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